Sex During Period Time

The misconceptions associated with sex during periods are no longer existent. People have learned the advantages of having sex during this precious moment and are not wasting chances. Research has it that sex on periods provides a pleasurable moment for both partners. Why not try it today and feel the same? Ladies are however skeptical of trying it citing for many reasons. Most ladies are uncomfortable with messing up while others fear the pain that may come with it. Despite there may be a pain to the ladies, the experience is worth it. Speak it out with your lady and make her appreciate the need for you having sex at this moment. All you need to settle on is how to go about it.

With most ladies having fear of messing the bed or couch with menstrual flow, precautions need to be taken. Spread a dark towel on your couch or bed before getting to have your sex experience. Get to foreplay your lady as usual. Kiss her, suck her breasts and play with her nipples to make her aroused. You can avoid licking her genitals as you may feel uncomfortable due to the flow. Proceed to use your dick to tease her. Arouse her fully until she is wet and starts yearning for the dick. Proceed to make a penetration to her wet pussy using your stiff dick.

Start by making short penetrations as you feel her reactions. Proceed to make continuous thrusts till she gets used to the fuck. Sex during menstruation is cool as it will make her reach orgasm too fast. The lady sex hormones are at their peak so that she will get excited fast. Ladies on their periods have fluids that will lubricate sex and make it so enjoyable. The fluids will spice the sex experience making the dick slide in so easily.

If the lady seems to be feeling pain once you get started, take it easy until she gets used to it and starts getting the pleasure. Be sensitive not to be rough on her as this may put her off. It is no doubt that your lady will like it with time due to the lubrication. The wetness of the pussy is also a big boost to the dick. The dick will penetrate with ease and get deeper rubbing the clit so perfectly. The lady will get aroused rather quick, and this will provoke her orgasm. Men will also like the experience as that wetness makes the dick cum easily.

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