Try this if your boobs hurt all of the time

Some ladies do unfortunately suffer from sore boobs. You may find that your boobs hurt when you are coming up to your period, mid cycle or they may even feel sore all of the time. It is not that unusual and certainly not very pleasant. A friend I work with at used to suffer from what she called Constant Boob Pain Syndrome to make light out of her condition. The good thing was that she decided to do something about it, and in turn she helped many other women. Now she has her won website which deals with the problem which is medically called Mastalgie.

If you suffer from Mastalgia are you more likely to develop other breast conditions? No, you are not but most women do worry a lot about developing breast diseases. A couple of the girls here at London escorts worry like mad as soon as their boobs hurt. However, there are many reasons behind breast pain and they are often linked to hormones. But hormones are not the only chemicals which can cause breast pain.

I noticed I used to get a little bit of breast pain every so often and I could not explain why it had happened. The doctor could not help me and only told me to take star flower oil. I found that it did not do anything for me, and I asked my friend at London escorts instead. She immediately asked my what deodorant I used, and when I told her, she said that my deodorant more than likely contained aluminum which is associated with unexplained breast pain. Since I stopped using my regular deodorant and switched to one without aluminum, my boobs have stopped hurting.

Did you know that soy can make your boobs hurt? Soy, according to my friend at London escorts, disrupts the endocrine system and can cause havoc in your body. You are more likely to gain weight, and in fact there are only some forms of soy that are safe. Soy is a common bulking agent, and you are probably eating without knowing you are doing so. The best thing you can do is to try to stay away from processed foods.

Excess alcohol intake, sugar and a diet high in fat are three other things that you should be aware of when we eat or drink. Sugar can cause diabetes type 2, but it at the same time, it can also cause general inflammation in the body and this leads to breast pain. Alcohol does the same thing and a high fat diet can even cause calcium to form in your arteries leading to poor micro circulation. Most of the girls at London escorts are pretty good when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet but it does not always work out.

When was the last time you checked you bra size? I just invested in some new lingerie for London escorts and to my surprise I found that my bra size was widely out. Not only did I look much better after having had the right bra fitted, bit I felt better as well. Since that fitting, I always go back to he same shop and make sure that my bra is fitted for me. Different models fit in different ways and it is good to have someone help you. Believe me, it is worth paying a little bit extra to have your bra fitted and always buy a quality bra.

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