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One of the girls at our West Midland escorts agency married a man who was a lot older. I am saying was as he is dead now. When they first met, she knew that he had a heart problem, and she sort of really started to look after him at West Midland escorts. It was a lot like she made a real play for him. To me it all seemed strange from the start. He did not seem to mind, instead he appeared to be charmed by her. Lisa was always a very savvy girl during her time with our West Midland escorts agency. She did well from all of her gents, and I think that she had, and probably still has, this ability to wrap men around her little finger. The other girls at the escort agency always thought that she managed to get a lot of money and gifts from her dates. Was she a gold digger? I am beginning to think so, and I wonder if she finally hit the jackpot.
When she first left West Midland escorts, I did not hear from her at all for a couple of months. After their marriage they took a very long cruise and when they came back, they started to spend a lot of time in his home in the country. I know that she is a West Midland girl through and through, and she probably hated spending time in the country. At the same time, there was a rumor going around that her husband had not been very well when they returned from their cruise. About a month later, they came back to West Midland. She gave me a call just as I had come across off my West Midland escorts shift, and asked me for a drink. Naturally I was happy to see her, and I told her that all of the girls at West Midland escorts had been worried about her. She said that she was fine, but her husband needed to have open heart surgery.
Looking at her, she did not seem too upset about it. Rather it seemed that she wanted the entire thing to be over. A couple of days later, I heard that the operation had gone well, and he was going to be out of hospital in a couple of days’ time. I phoned her up and told her I was happy to take a couple of days off from West Midland escorts just in case she needed any help with anything.
She said that she was fine and her husband had to take it easy for a couple of weeks. No more Viagra she joked. It was around a week later when we heard from her again. She said that her husband had died overdoing. When she said it she sorts of said it with her smile in her voice.
I thought about the one about Viagra. Did they have sex a little bit too soon? Well, anyway today she is a very rich lady, and it sounds like our West Midland escorts gold digger, is going to be okay for the rest of her life.

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