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October 2020

The question I always ask myself

How does one get rid of all his bad habits? That’s the question I always ask myself. I feel terrible about the decisions that I made these couple of months. My life turned into a disaster. I have let go of my job, and my family does not like it one bit. I committed a terrible mistake in the office. My boss had caught me sleeping with another workmate. It’s the company’s policy that its employees do not have a romantic relationship.


Even though I already know about it, I still did not mind it. I thought that I was going to get away with it, but I was utterly wrong. I feel terrible about it now. I’ve risked my job for the wrong reason. There have been a lot of criticisms about me, and I understand. But I feel that my family and friends are too harsh on me. They do not know that I’m just a human being. I commit mistakes a lot of times. It is one of the worst I ever did. But there is on the person who did not have upon me. Her name is Sharon Jones; she is a software developer at an animation company. According to Greenwich escorts of


We meet each other at a festival for comics. We bonded a lot because of our love of superheroes. There are no other words to describe it, but we both are huge nerds. I am very thankful that meet this pretty lady. I’m sure that if I would not have reached this girl, my whole world should have come crashing down. She made it possible for me to get back on my feet and silence the notice that people are always giving me. She has been my rock, and I am happy to have her in my miserable life. Sharon was a great woman, and I could not believe her timing in my life. She came to me at the moment that I needed her the most. Losing mainly job is not so bad after all.


If I did not close my job, I would have never met her. I would take her instead of my career if I had a choice. She and I became very close and eventually had a beautiful baby girl named Stella. Sharon even helps me find a job in her company that she is working on, which is very impressive. Because of her, I can finally start working again and have my dignity back. Greenwich escorts also helped me a lot. Before I meet, Sharon Greenwich escorts were the ones who I always turn. Greenwich escorts are great people.…