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January 2021

Instagram’s sexy selfies

Should you publish your sexy snaps on Instagram? I really do think that you have to be careful when it comes to putting up sexy images on Instagram. When I first started to use the site, I did not think that much about. However, since I was working for Bellingham escorts, I have learned to be a lot more careful. I snapped a couple of sexy photos of me, and before I knew it, they could be found as wall paper on a couple of my dates screens at Bellingham escorts of

I like to stay in touch with the gents that I meet at Bellingham escorts, so I keep a special social media account. Instagram is my favorite one, but I also use Twitter along with Not all of the gents that I date at the agency follow me on social media, but over the recent months, more and more gents have started to follow me on social media. It is great, and I do get a lot of dates out of it. I think that more escorts should take advantage of social media in a discreet way.

Anyway, my sexy photos seemed to have gone down well with the gents that I date. The only problem is that they share them with other gents. I am not sure that it gets me any more dates, but I do know that a lot of guys down load my sexy images. The other day I popped into to do some shopping in Waitrose after my Bellingham escorts shift, and I noticed that the guy in front of me had my image as wall paper. I had never seen him in my entire life before. He seemed really surprised to see me as well and asked if he could take a selfie with me. I was so taken back that I said yes.

I have also been in the same situation in the gym. At the time I was working out when this guy came up to me and showed me his phone. It was me wearing a pair of sexy knickers and a short top. He said that his friend had sent him the image via email, and said that I was the most stunning girl that he had ever met. I could not believe it, and once again, this guy wanted to take a selfie with me. It was okay, but I keep being caught off guard.

The funny thing is that not all of these guys know that I work for Bellingham escorts. Most of them think that I am an ordinary girl going about my business. It does not worry me that there are a few sexy images out there of me, but I am not going to put out any more. My work with Bellingham escorts is actually going okay. Sending out sexy images on Instagram was just a little of fun, and I don’t think that I will do it in the future. Perhaps I had better find something else to promote myself on social media.

I have sort of fallen in love with Greenwich

I think that some parts of London are easily neglected and I have noticed that we are getting less visitors here in Greenwich. This is a really nice part of London but the local tourist board does not really seem to be into promoting this part of London. I know that it is competitive and that London is full of different attractions, but I love Greenwich. Ever since I started to work for Greenwich escorts, I have sort of fallen in love with the place, and I have even been able to buy my own place here in Greenwich.

Greenwich has so much to offer visitors. You have the Maritime Museum and you have the Cutty Sark. It is also one of the greenest areas of London, and as it is right on the river, it is a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. When I am not working for Greenwich escorts from, I can often be found walking or jogging along the river. Tome, Greenwich is so much more than just a name, and I would like to think of myself as a bit of an ambassador for Greenwich here in London.

A few years ago I think that Greenwich used to promote itself a lot more. Now a lot of my gentleman callers seem to think that Greenwich is in the back of beyond. When I say to someone that I work for Greenwich escorts they sort of look at me funny. Many of them ask where Greenwich is located and it is a shame. It could also be a sign of the times, so many people who live in London now are foreigners and I have to admit that not all of them are familiar with London. There is a lot more to London than just Mayfair.

I have lived in London all of my life, and I am proud of the place. Yes, the modern day London leaves a lot to be desired, and I think it has become way too expensive. Fortunately, I earn kind of good money at Greenwich escorts otherwise I am not so sure that I would be able to afford to live in London. If I had my way I would make sure that all of the genuine Londoners are able to live in London, it is their home after all.

Some days when I leave Greenwich escorts, I am sort of glad it is one of the forgotten parts of London. I enjoy the peace and quite but at the same time I want people to come out to Greenwich to enjoy it. We have such an interesting maritime history here in London, and I want people to appreciate it. We also have the Royal Observatory here and that is another attraction in Greenwich that I really enjoy. It is to me a place full of wonder and awe, and I am beginning to think that it is another one of London’s forgotten attractions. We have so much worth visiting here in Greenwich, and we should make the most of it.…