I just don’t love him anymore

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 15 years we’ve literally grown up together. We were high school sweethearts and then after high school we went to separate colleges and broke up. As fate would have it we met each other again in our last year of university and ever since then we have been the best of friends and the best of lovers. He was my first and only lover. My first night and then with him was in his parents rented flat in London. He managed to get the keys and asked if he could use the flat for one night for a mantic evening for me and him. And it was so romantic every time i tell my girlfriends at London escorts about that night they all get weak at the knees and sigh with love at the story.


He walked me up the stairs of the flat and open the front door for me has the door open and I was met with rose petals scattered all over the floor and in my favourite colour yellow. As I followed the yellow rose petals it led to a small glass table with two chairs. The table was dressed with fairy lights and two tools stick candles. Table was set for two and the crystal glasses she made against the candle light and the fairy lights. We sat and had dinner he was delicious he knows that I’m vegan so he made me the most delicious vegan meal. From the side of the table the rose petals then trailed towards another room. So after dinner he told me to follow the rose petals and that he’d meet me in there. I follow the rose petals and open the door to find a double bed with silk silver sheets and yellow pillows it just look like heaven. I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened next it was amazing from the moment he kissed me to the moment we orgasm together every minute was amazing.


For the last 15 years the majority of our relationship was just like our first night together. The girls in London escorts boys told me that I had a good guy and that I should keep hold of him but what the girls at London escort at Ace Sexy Escorts don’t understand is there as we’ve grown together we have grown apart. I tried to explain to the girls at London escort how I feel and what’s been happening but if I’m honest I don’t really understand how we’ve gotten to this point. I do still love him I just feel that we have less in common and less drive to make each other happy. Secretly I believe we both feel that neither one of us and really making an effort to satisfy each other. The girls in London escort say that maybe we need to rediscover each other maybe the two of us should go away for a few months to another country and rekindle what we had I’ll be honest I don’t know how effective that will actually be.

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